Once Upon A Time In Memphis

Luck can be the spin of a wheel or the roll of a pair of dice.  For me it was a series of special articles in the trade magazines  spotlighting artists, producers, musicians and songwriters in Memphis, Tennessee.  The realization that this special musical sound was emanating from a place that I was unfamiliar with stirred my curiosity and inspired me to investigate.  This spontaneous decision wouldn't be the first time that I hitched my wagon to a comet without a clue to where that wild ride might take me.  Little did I know that I was about to enjoy one of the great experiences of my entire music career.  To make a long story short… I now have deep rooted friendships with Chips Moman, Marty Lacker, George Klein, Mark James, Ima Withers, the members of The American Studios band, otherwise known as The Memphis Boys (Reggie Young, Gene Chrisman, Bobby Emmons, Bobby Wood, Mike Leech, Johnny Christopher, Glenn Spreen)… and the list goes on.

Special thanks and appreciation goes out to Chips Moman for giving me the green light to showcase this album.  His support, belief, and production talents were crucial to the creation of the Weinstein & Stroll collaboration.  


1   Cook Me Up Your Taste

2   The Cat Was A Junkie

3   Le Joing

4   Goodnight, Sweet Dreams

5   You Can't Go Back There Anymore

6   The Movie Star Song

7   Aunt Bertie Came To Croton

8   Won Long Dae

9   Sweet Cream Ladies Forward March

10  Falling From Fatigue Diane

11  Roll It Down The Hill

12  Looking At Life

Popular Songs

  • Goin' Out Of My Head
  • Hurts So Bad
  • It's Gonna Take A Miracle
  • I'm On The Outside Looking In
  • Pretty Blue Eyes
  • Have You Looked Into Your Heart
  • Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
  • Take Me Back