Collaboration....what a wonderful takes at least two or maybe more...we've been having a grandé old time!  

Roger Sovine, Brent Burns, Bobby & Carol Weinstein and Dave Stype




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1.   Ain't Life Grandé

2.   The First Hundred Years Are The Hardest

3.   Baby, Baby, Baby

4.   Just The Right Amount Of Wrong

5.   Down To New Orleans

6.   Missing You

7.   My Heart Belongs To Lipitor

8.   One Blue Suit

9.   Early Bird Special

10.  Waltzin' With You In My Mind

11.  Twang Town

This man is responsible for a large chunk of happiness that has flavored my life for many years.  There is only one Roger Sovine.  If you've never been fortunate enough to enjoy his humor, his heart of gold, and his wisdom....sneak a peek and lend an ear.  It comes through in his music and his charming delivery.



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