I am a rich man. 

Rich for having been lucky enough to have spent 48 years of my life sharing a friendship with Teddy Randazzo.  I knew Teddy in a way that not many other people did.  We created music and word paintings that, when combined together, made joyous sounds that will live on endlessly.  It all began in the year 1957 when I was a student at the High School of Industrial Arts in Manhattan and shared several classes with Teddy's cousin Barbara.  I had just begun exploring the early stages of writing songs for a group that I was part of called the Legends.  Barbara was aware of my creative attempts to supply the Legends with original songs.  She had a bubbly personality and was insistent that I meet her cousin Teddy.  She arranged a meeting that took place backstage at the Brooklyn Paramount Theater during an Alan Freed Rock 'N Roll Show.  That was an unforgettable experience.  Teddy and I clicked like peanut butter and jelly, and soon began writing songs together.  We shared our thoughts on music of all types.  He used to say, "To work at something you love is pure freedom."  We loved blending music and words into one form as if it were a canvas that would become a fine word painting and tell a story to the listener.  We had that experience many, many times.  We delighted in the harmonic sounds that were produced when we would sing our finished paintings.  We were one.  The practice of collaborating was so private, at times so intimate, and yet so revealing.  We spent a lot of time on a piano bench side by side.  And we told our stories like good storytellers.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss him like crazy.  Teddy was a gifted person.  The word genius comes to mind.

Life has its twists and turns, and we went our separate ways for many years, but towards the end we were able to spend time together again.  The songs in this Hidden Treasures Collection are some of the fruits of that special time.  Indulge and enjoy!

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Hidden Treasures








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Popular Songs

  • Goin' Out Of My Head
  • Hurts So Bad
  • It's Gonna Take A Miracle
  • I'm On The Outside Looking In
  • Pretty Blue Eyes
  • Have You Looked Into Your Heart
  • Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
  • Take Me Back